Clothing and footwear accepted is specific to the season of the sale you participate in – Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter.  We accept clothing, footwear and accessories for sizes Newborn through Junior and Maternity as well as infant/children/teen furniture, home furnishings, toys, sporting goods, books, movies, games, costumes, baby items, outdoor toys, season specific holiday items, etc.  Jeans and light jackets are accepted at both seasonal sales.  Adult or outdated clothing and items, inappropriate age/content music, books, movies or clothing; damaged, recalled or expired items; and souvenir/club/school t-shirts are NOT ACCEPTED.  (We allow generic LOCAL school, college, or professional individual/team shirts with no personalization or date specific event i.e. “Iron Bowl 2010”.) 

Each consignor will earn 70% of the selling price of your merchandise, less a $7.50 participation fee. Checks will be mailed no later than 2 weeks following the close of sale.

Visit our website and fill out the contact form to receive a consignment number.  A “Consignor Information Sheet” must be completed and signed prior to payment of your sale proceeds.

Two (2) passes will be given to you at drop off and are required for admittance to the Pre-Sale.

Attach a piece of masking tape or label with your consignor # only to the back of your merchandise.  This will identify your merchandise if your pricing tag is lost.  Use our template and make copies on CARDSTOCK or HEAVY PAPER (no thin copy/notebook paper) for your tags. Clearly handwrite or type the information and pin to the upper right hand side of clothing facing you (upper left hand side of clothing if wearing) with a SAFETY PIN or TAGGING GUN (no staples, straight pins or clothes pins). You may also cut a 3X5 index card in half, old file folders, etc. to make a 3 X 2 ½” label and follow the guide on the template.  Tape tags with clear packing tape to bottom of shoes, toys, Ziploc bags, etc.

ALL CLOTHING regardless of size (shirts, blouses, dresses, ALL sizes pants and jeans up to Size 4/4T) MUST BE ON A HANGER.  Include the GENDER (Boy, Girl, Jr. Girl, Unisex) and NUMERICAL SIZE (not Small, Medium, Large, etc.) on the tag and hang so that when you face the front of the clothing item, the hanger forms a question mark and your price tag is on the right side.  Multiple clothing items hung and priced as a SINGLE ITEM must be identical sizes.  FOOTWEAR MUST BE CLEAN and attached to the mate - in a clear bag, with ribbon, string, zip tie, heavy rubber band, etc.  Leniency is given to stains on sports practice uniforms and cleats as long as they are CLEAN and dirt free.  NO used underwear.  Un-hung clothing items - torn or badly worn (barring that is the style), stained, damaged, outdated or unpleasant smelling clothing and footwear will not be accepted.        

Place small or extra parts in a clear bag or container and secure with clear packing tape.  Presentation is important - a clean, neatly packaged item or neatly hung clothing item catches the eye of a shopper.  SOILED, DIRTY, EXTREMELY WORN, UNPLEASANT SMELLING, OUTDATED OR DAMAGED ITEMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

PRICING must be in whole or half dollar increments (i.e. $1.00 or $.50).  Items otherwise priced will be rounded down.  (i.e. $1.25 to $1.00 or $1.75 to $1.50). 

Be certain your label is LEGIBLE, REMOVABLE, on HEAVY STURDY PAPER and CONTAINS ALL the REQUIRED INFORMATION as you will be paid based on the information from the tickets we remove from your merchandise at the time of sale. 

If using the tag template (download from website), you must circle YES - and if hand writing your tag, write YES at the bottom of the tag to allow your merchandise to be sold for half price during half-price sale.  If you circle NO or nothing, your merchandise will not be reduced during the half-price sale.

Unsold and unclaimed merchandise will be donated to a charity immediately following pick-up.

DROP-OFF:  We require that you sort your clothing items by GENDER/SIZE for drop-off and that you sort your remaining sale items so that it makes it easier for volunteers to place them on the floor.    


(Consignor)    #1000

(Gender)          Male

(Size)                  4T

(Description)   Blue Jean Shorts
(Price)                $4.00

(Half Price)        Yes or  No